Vermont Gluten Free

Vermont Gluten Free was founded by Jean Mudgett out of a personal need after she was diagnosed with Celiac disease. She loved baking and eating delicious baked goods. When her diagnosis required that she eliminate gluten from her diet, she was determined to not lose her favorite foods if she could do something about it.

She started developing recipes based on old family favorites. Before long, she was sharing what she made with other people she met who had Celiac Disease. That led to selling her baked goods to a growing number of people who were also living gluten-free but who, like Jean, still wanted to enjoy a cookie, a sandwich, or a piece of cake now and again.

The operation has been a labor of love and run by Vermonters over the last few years. As of late, the bakery has changed hands and is now run by Christopher LaCroix of Barre Town. Chris along with his wife and two young children, are eager to grow the business to better the communities they serve. Committed to Jean's vision but with renewed energy, they are honored to bring their products into your home.

What makes VGF products unique is how they are made. Everything baked is prepared in small, handmade batches at a dedicated gluten-free bakery using only the finest ingredients. The rice is milled in-house to guarantee quality and freshness then incorporated into a custom flour mix. The commitment to careful recipe development and product testing helps ensure that every VGF product you buy is of the highest standards and best quality.

The links below are useful resources on gluten intolerance, Celiac disease and basics about gluten-free diets. 

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  3. Celiac Disease Foundation
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Please enjoy any and all of the Vermont Gluten Free products made with care and devotion. We welcome your comments or suggestions.


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Thanks for choosing Vermont Gluten Free! We know there are many options when choosing gluten-free products, we like to think you choose ours because they taste so good. Happy Eating!